"Our daughter had assured me that you had been highly recommended and that she was convinced she had selected 'an excellent photographer'!  I was pleased to observe you as you worked so hard on Saturday.  Not only did you take dozens of photographs, you were so kind and accommodating in every way.  Thanks again!"

                      - Gerri


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Remember the sights and sounds of your wedding day with a wedding video from
Gillman Photography!


     We use industrial grade video equipment to provide a master tape.  Your copy will be returned to you in the standard VHS format or DVD format.  We have the tripods, fluid heads, dollies, monitors, wireless microphones, boom microphones, and auxiliary lighting equipment to ensure a top quality wedding video that you can enjoy for years to come.


     We offer two different wedding videography plans to suit your individual needs and budget.  The videography plan that you choose must be specified upon booking the wedding date.


     Two Camera Coverage - The two-camera coverage will use two videographers and two cameras for the wedding ceremony.  Usually, one camera will be up front near the altar, and the second camera will be in the back of the church.  The two tapes will then be edited together in post-production.  There will be one camera at the reception.


     Single Camera Coverage - The single-camera coverage will use one videographer and one camera for both the wedding ceremony and the reception.


     With either coverage plan, your wedding video will consist of:


     Musical introduction - This introduction is a well-scripted series of still photographs of the bride and groom as they grew up.  It will consist of approximately fifteen photos of the bride fading in with fifteen photos of the groom, following with approximately ten photos of the bride and groom dating, taking the viewer from infancy through the dating years.  This video portion is then over-dubbed with romantic music to create a heartrending intro to their new life together as husband and wife.  From here, we dissolve into a shot of the couple's wedding invitation.


     Pre-Ceremony - This portion of the videotape will consist of the last-minute preparations before the wedding.  It may also include pre-ceremony music, soloists, and the seating of guests.


     Wedding Ceremony - This portion will be recorded in its entirety and will not be shortened in any way.  The receiving line following the ceremony (if applicable) will also be taped.


     Wedding Reception - This is a documentary of all the traditional events occurring at the reception (i.e. toast, bridal dance, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss, etc.).  It will also include interviews with parents and other family members, members of the wedding party, guests, and the bride and groom.  We provide an unobtrusive view of the reception to capture all the fun and excitement of these very special festivities.


     Please contact Greg Gillman at (614) 891-5886 or greggillman@wowway.com for further information concerning your wedding video.